Cost is a major consideration when choosing a college. Though we are a private institution, ATS is committed to providing students an affordable, quality Christian education

The distinction between our seminary from others is that we give the student the option to "Pay on the Go" which allows the student to pay for each course as they are ready to complete them. Therefore, the student can determine the time frame in degree completion. Each course provides the selected materials for completion, and therefore, does not require the purchase of outside course materials.

Our degree programs consist of 6 units that is offered at $99.99 per unit that is due at the time you begin each class.

Financial Aid

We do not currently offer financial aid through the federal student aid programs because we are accredited by National Bible College Association which only allow us to accept funds from students in the payment of cash, credit cards, and/or checks.


Dr. Damian L. Atkins

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